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We know dog breeders do not want to see their puppies being rehomed or returned due to new puppy owners feeling isolated, overwhelmed and unable to cope. Puppies are a handful, we know that! But with the right support, all of your new puppy owners can weather the storm feeling confident, prepared and ready for what’s to come. When your puppy owners first bring their new puppy home, the sleepless nights, piddles on the floor and bitey teeth can feel a lot to handle. Perhaps you even have owners reaching out to you with question after question about what to do. The Puppy Pod program solves all of that… and more!

Introducing the Pupstart’s Ambassador Programme

The Puppy Pod is a puppy training course bursting with tips for new puppy owners. It’s designed to prepare and support new owners through those early weeks of puppy life. Not only does The Puppy Pod provide a solution to owners returning to you with endless questions about topics like house, crate and toilet training, but it also supports them with puppy preparation and mindset. Giving YOU peace of mind that your owners are truly ready for the commitment of one of YOUR babies! The time between leaving the breeder and getting to see a trainer at puppy classes is a crucial time for our puppies in terms of development. Yet, it is often the most vulnerable time in terms of a lack of professional support and advice. We know the journey is not always smooth, and new owners often need a little help for the sake of the puppy (and their sanity!)

The best bit is that for EVERY owner that you enrol, you get paid 25%!

You can either enrol your whole litter or pass your Ambassador link to your owners inside your puppy packs.

The Foundations Behind The Puppy Pod

I’m not only an experienced dog breeder but I’m also a dog trainer. I bring together my experience in both of these arenas to pull together the ideal puppy training support for new owners. I use Scentwork as the basis for all my training and I am accredited with Scentwork UK, UK Sniffer Dogs and Mantrailing UK. I believe by harnessing our dog’s natural talents and super skills we unlock a bond and a higher level of understanding between dog and handler. Scentwork prevents frustrations and allows dogs to express themselves in the way they are designed to. It’s simple yet highly effective. I’m dedicated to eradicating the overwhelm faced by dog breeders, new puppy owners and the dogs who are at the heart of it all.

How it works

There are various ways you can use the Pupstart’s Ambassador programmes to support your new puppy owners on their journey into dog ownership. Let’s look at them all so you can see what tickles your fancy!

  • Include the course price in your sales price and secure each new puppy owner’s success in their puppy raising journey. Not only do you get paid for every course sold, but you know that you’ve done ALL you can to ensure your puppies are future-proofed.

    Not only do you get paid for every course sold, but you know that you’ve done ALL you can to ensure your puppies are future-proofed.

  • Use our Ambassador Pack materials to encourage your owners to sign up for The Puppy Pod using your affiliate link.

    You’ll get a 25% commission for every puppy owner that signs up, and you’ll know that your owners are utterly devoted to being the best home possible for your pups!

  • THEN you get to; Invite your new puppy owners to enrol at the point of viewing, gauge their commitment to your puppy, and grant them instant access to the complete Puppy Pod of support before they even collect their puppy.

    Your puppy owners will be fully prepared for their new addition.

  • Invite your puppy owners to enrol when they take their puppy home. This is the period when they’ll be feeling most anxious and nervous about getting it right.

    Your puppy owners will be super grateful that you’ve covered all bases.

Support your puppies seamlessly into their new homes and get paid for it!

I’m not a dog breeder, can I become an Ambassador?

Yes! You don’t need to be a dog breeder to become an ambassador. If you’re a dog professional, an owner who’s tried and loved The Puppy Pod, or someone who wants to help promote puppy owner support, we’d love to hear from you.

What’s in the Pupstart’s Ambassador Pack?

Your Pupstart’s Ambassador Pack provides you with everything you need to market and onboard your puppy owners onto The Puppy Pod program.

  • You’ll get an owner’s PDF to share with your new puppy owners before their puppy comes home or to include in your puppy pack. 
  • You’ll get an email to swipe that tells your owners just why The Puppy Pod will be so valuable to them - with editable sections for those you have gifted access to or for puppy owners you’d like to prompt to buy using your affiliate link. 

  • Don’t use emails? No problem, you’ll also get a pre-drafted message which you can send via WhatsApp or text message. All you have to do is add your unique affiliate link. 
  • You’ll get graphics, photos and copy to swipe and use on your social media to promote your Ambassador status and The Puppy Pod program.

The benefits of being a Pupstart’s Ambassador

It’s not just about your puppies and your new owners; we want to take care of you too! So all of our Pupstart’s Ambassadors get:

  • Exclusive access to our private member’s community with weekly lives, discussion threads and supportive peers

  • Unlimited entry to our webinars and guided learning, packed with dog breeding info and advice 
  • Consent to display your badge of honour as a Pupstarts Breeder on your website, socials and paperwork
  • A personal invitation to join our mentoring program
  • Peace of mind that you’ve done everything possible to give your pup’s the best start in life

Ready to be the best breeder in town?

Simply head over to The Puppy Pod course page, sign your puppy owners up with their preferred email address, and they’re in! Want to skip the admin? Send us an email with a list of your owner’s email addys, and we’ll sign them all up for you and send you a one-off invoice!