Dog Breeding, Pregnancy and Whelping; Learn how to breed dogs ethically and safely from the very start. Lead your breeding plans with certainty and support

Lead your breeding plans with education and knowledge.

You might think the road ahead will be easy, but there will be many surprises along the way. How will your dog change? What does a normal birth look like? When should you worry? Do you know when the right time is to call the vet? The questions will keep flowing. But with education, support and guidance, you can enjoy your dog breeding journey with confidence.
I am Rebecca Walters of Pupstarts Breeders, and I have been successfully breeding dogs for 16 years. I understand that learning how to breed dogs can feel almost impossible! Many people want to breed, but they fall into the trap of “learning on the job” because the information is just not readily available. Well, now it is! I have put our entire dog breeding course syllabus online for you, so you can access all the crucial information you require, whenever you need it. After all, there is nothing 9-5 about dog breeding, is there?!
The course is on an easy to use online learning platform, ready and waiting for you to work through it at your own pace. Join our list of accredited dog breeders and show potential new owners and the licensing authority that you are dedicated to becoming the best dog breeder you can be. Stand shoulder to shoulder with ethical and enlightened breeders who truly care. Inside the Canine Pregnancy and Whelping course you get…. Immediate access to everything you need to breed and whelp ethically, safely and with confidence.

Inside the Canine Pregnancy and Whelping course you get….

Immediate access to everything you need to breed and whelp ethically, safely and with confidence. Before we begin please read the "How To" section in the footer at the bottom of the page to enable you to easily navigate through the content.

  • 1


    • How does it work?

  • 2

    Deciding to Breed

    • Deciding to Breed - duration 30 minutes

    • Quiz - 100% pass rate required

  • 3

    UK Breeding Law

    • UK Breeding Law - duration 30 minutes

    • Lucy's Law

    • Do you require a license to breed?

  • 4

    Mate Selection

    • Mate Selection - duration 30 minutes

  • 5

    When to Breed

    • When to Breed - duration 1 hour

    • Do you know when? 100% pass rate required

  • 6

    The Mating Process

  • 7

    The Pregnancy

    • The Pregnancy - duration 45 minutes

    • "In the Womb" video tutorial

    • Worming the Pregnant Bitch

    • Feeding for Pregnancy & Lactation

    • Vaccine - Titre Testing - PRIOR TO MATING

    • Reference from this Chapter

  • 8

    Whelping Preparation

    • Whelping Preparation - duration 45 minutes

    • Quiz - 100% Pass rate required

  • 9


    • Whelping - duration 6 hours including video tutorials of approx. 25 minutes and various printable PDF's

    • Calcium Supplementation for the Whelping Bitch

    • Birthing Presentations Explained

    • Clamping the Umbilical Cord

    • Reviving Newborn Puppies

    • Whelping Flow Chart

    • Tube Feeding PDF/Video Tutorial

    • Tube Feeding Amounts & Liver Water Recipe

  • 10

    Aftercare of Female & Puppies

    • Aftercare of Female & Puppies - duration 30 minutes

    • Troubleshooting - TUBE FEEDING VIDEO TUTORIAL

  • 11


    • Conclusion - duration 10 minutes

  • 12


    • Canine Pregnancy & Whelping Final Quiz - 90% passing grade required - duration 30 minutes

  • 13

    Feedback Survey

    • Feedback Survey - duration 10 minutes


“Being a Pupstarts Breeder has opened my eyes in so many different ways. Not only do I breed bigger healthier litters, but I also raise them in a far better way, and my owners are having fewer problems with them. I do not worry anywhere near as much as I used to! Plus, the owners have The Puppy Pod course, which makes my life so much easier. I sleep better knowing my owners are getting professional advice on how to care for the puppies. I would highly recommend the scheme to anyone thinking of breeding a litter.” Jay Middleton - Chester - Dog Breeder

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