I am Rebecca Walters of Pupstarts Breeders, and I have been successfully breeding dogs for 16 years. I understand that learning how to breed dogs can feel almost impossible! Many people want to breed, but they fall into the trap of “learning on the job” because the information is just not readily available. Well, now it is! Our ultimate dog breeding course will guide you through the process step by step, with video tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and easy to digest content so that you can breed, whelp and raise as ethically and safely as possible. You also get access to our private community for reputable dog breeders to support your remote learning and connect with like-minded individuals. Plus, you get access for life, so you can revisit your learning as many times as you need for every litter you breed.

So you are breeding a litter of puppies!


You’ve found just the support you need to take all the guesswork out of dog breeding. From choosing a mate to taking care of your pregnant bitch to whelping and finding the best homes for your pups - we’ve got you covered!

Dog breeding is full of surprises, and often you don’t know what you don’t know until a problem arises. With our ultimate dog breeding course, you’ll be fully prepared and ready for whatever your dog (and her babies) throw at you.

The Ultimate Dog Breeding Course Bundle includes

  • Enjoy Lifetime Access to all our Dog Breeding Courses and delight in the comfort of having EVERYTHING you need all in one place.

  • Exclusive membership to our private Facebook Group with weekly lives and a supportive community to share your journey with.

  • Instant access to any new course content added for life (completely FREE OF CHARGE)

  • Join our list of accredited dog breeders and show potential new owners and the licensing authority that you are dedicated to becoming the best dog breeder you can be.

  • Stand shoulder to shoulder with ethical and enlightened breeders who truly care.

Learn how to breed dogs and whelp like a pro, safe in the knowledge that you can handle whatever comes your way.


I wanted to leave my review and feedback on the course I took prior to my Bella whelping. I had an unplanned pregnancy with my 2 Labradors (my son let my female out when my male was out on day 20 of her heat!) At that moment, I had a million questions running through my head of what I should do for the best. I had already health tested them as I did plan on breeding her but just not right now as I had other work and family commitments, and I absolutely wasn’t ready for a litter of puppies! I decided to proceed to day 33 and book in an ultrasound, secretly praying it was too far along in her heat. Oh no! She was expecting, and a large litter too. I decided to give up my job there and then and put my all into this. I spent the next week frantically googling and researching all my questions until I came across the Pupstart’s breeding courses. I purchased the whelping course, and all my questions were answered in one place. It was absolutely fantastic. I took the course probably ten times because I was so nervous and overwhelmed I may fail my girl. I wanted all this information embedded in my brain. Then Delivery day arrived. In the middle of the night, I was all alone, but I successfully managed to help deliver all ten pups and keep mum safe. IF I had not taken this course, I would have panicked after the 4th pup and taken her in for an emergency C-section. I am convinced I would have lost at least three pups - one from bleeding out through the umbilical cord and two from swallowing too much fluid. My Bella was an absolute superstar, and I am privileged to have helped her through whelping her pups, but I don’t believe I could have done that without these courses, the support group and live feeds. All other whelping advice pages are full of mean comments rather than supporting each other. The support group is kind and friendly, and I can’t thank Rebecca enough for putting it all together. Lucy Wills

Be the go-to dog breeder for your breed

Want to know how to be that dog breeder who has epic waiting lists and their top pick of owners for their litters? By levelling up your dog breeding knowledge and practises, you let the world know that you are among the best and most reputable dog breeders in the country. People will wait, and they will travel for one of your well-bred and ethically raised puppies. They’ll tell everyone they know just how fantastic the experience was and how surprised they were at every detail you considered and perfected. When we breed ethically and responsibly, we set our future generation of pups (and peeps) up for successful lives in happy forever homes. Help set the standard for breeders everywhere and lead the way.