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Change your puppies future in less than 5 minutes a day!

Learn how to start socialising your puppies using science, fact, and tried and tested methods from the very start. Socialising your litter doesn’t take anywhere near the amount of time you think, but the benefits are vast for both your pups and their new families. The protocols taught in our puppy socialisation course will guide you to easily help your puppies to be robust and ready for the real world. With just 5 minutes a day dedicated to socialisation, you can give them the best chance to live an amazing life with their families. From fear periods to husbandry, to car travel, you’ll have well-rounded little pup stars who are ready for the world!
I am Rebecca Walters of Pupstarts Breeders, and I have been successfully breeding dogs for 16 years. So I understand how responsible you feel for your puppies and how you want to ensure they get off to the very best of starts. I have put our entire dog breeding course syllabus online for you so that you can get all the crucial information you need with 24/7 access. After all, there is nothing 9-5 about dog breeding! The course is on an easy to use online platform, and you will have instant access to the entire syllabus, which you can work through at your own pace.

Get instant access to

  • Hours of video content, downloadable puppy socialisation checklists and PDF’s to guide you step by step through early socialisation with ease!

  • Our private community for reputable dog breeders to support your remote learning and connect with like-minded individuals

  • Instant, lifetime access so that you can revisit for every litter you breed

  • A CPD Accredited Certificate upon completion - which is reassuring for your new puppy owners and GOLD for your licensing officer!

This accreditation and dedication to developing your dog breeding skills shows potential new owners and the licensing authority that you mean to be the best you can be as a breeder. It stands you shoulder to shoulder with ethical and enlightened breeders who truly care.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How does it work?

  • 2

    Socialisation - duration 1 hour study time

    • Why should we socialise?

    • When should we start?

    • What is it?

    • Snowflake Puppies

    • Shopping List

    • References

  • 3

    Newborn Handling (ENS) & Early Scent Introduction (ESI) - duration 1 hour 30 minutes study time

    • Newborn Handling & Early Scent Introduction

    • ENS & ESI Details

  • 4

    Sound Desensitisation - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Sound Desensitisation

    • Sound and Vibration - Electric Toothbrush

  • 5

    Textures & Levels - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Textures & Levels

  • 6

    House Training - duration 30 minutes study time

    • House Training

  • 7

    Encouraging Human Interaction - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Encouraging Human Interaction

  • 8

    Encouraging Canine Interaction - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Encouraging Canine Interaction

  • 9

    Introduction to Crate Training - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Introduction to Crate Training

  • 10

    Introduction to the Car - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Introduction to the Car

  • 11

    The Outside World - duration 30 minutes study time

    • The Outside World

  • 12

    Early Recall - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Early Recall

  • 13

    The Importance of Nail Care

    • Nail care video tutorial

  • 14

    Fear Periods - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Fear Periods

  • 15

    Sleep & Processing - duration 30 minutes study time

  • 16

    Breed Specific - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Breed Specific

  • 17

    Fitting it all in...... - duration 30 minutes study time

    • Fitting it all in....

  • 18

    Breeder Blueprint

    • Breeder Blueprint Poster - Easy check guide of what to do and when!

  • 19

    Quiz - 15 minutes duration

    • Socialisation Quiz - 80% required passing grade, no maximum attempt limit.

  • 20

    Student Feedback - duration 15 minutes

    • Feedback Survey


“When you get lovely feedback several weeks after they collected their pup it makes my heart melt. Thank you to Pupstarts Breeders and Rebecca Walters for always being there for me as a breeder, for reassurance and just for understanding what level of crazy I was at at any given time!” Kate French - Dog Breeder

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